FCRM (ITAIL-COVID-19 Coordinator) is working alongside with the Congolese Government to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Congolese Foundation for Medical Research (FCRM) is working alongside with the Government on the fight against the Covid-19.

As a means to have this pandemic under control through an adjusted response, as well as to support the government, the FCRM, through its health and research centres, got involved from the very beginning, not only on the screening of Covid-19, but also in the evaluation of the seroprevalence against this virus within the Congolese population.

From March 2020, FCRM is conducting a seroprevalence pilot study against SARS-Cov2 within the population of Brazzaville, Republic of Congo. Updated memo about this study can be dowloaded here in English or in French.

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